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Hospitality, Residential
and Office Buildings in Large European Cities

GVA Partners focuses on real estate opportunities that are currently distressed or undervalued and in green-field projects, identifying growth potential in partnership  with local players. As GVA Partners believes in diversified exposure and alignment of interests, it teams up with other investors and local professionals. It then project-manages the investments for the benefits of all investors and acts in collaboration with local or pure players in the execution of the projects.


Active investor and property developer.


Our Principals were instrumental in the following projects

GVA Partners develops projects in real estate across the board with particular expertise in hospitality and residential real estate investments. From repositioning real estate assets to greenfield projects, GVA Partners seeks alternative property developments to generate value. With projects spanning from 2’000 sqm to 60’000 sqm, GVA Partners delivers risk adjusted returns. We focus on mid-sized (USD 20 to 100 M) properties and target an annualized return of 12% to 25% through execution of value-add programs. Our experience in asset management allows us to seek opportunities that result from both local and macro considerations.

Pascal Towers, La Défense, Paris

Both Pascal office towers in La Défense, Paris’s business district, were purchased from a Saudi Prince. The main tenants for the 70,000 sqm of office space were the French ministry of the environment and SNCF, France’s railway operator. The towers were restructured and the contracts extended for significantly longer maturity. The towers were subsequently sold to a leading US investment bank.

Sheraton San Siro, Milan

Acquisition of a 35,000 sqm hotel in Milan from a large Italian financial institution in the context of a bankruptcy procedure. The 315 room Sheraton hotel was completely restructured over a three-year period and rebranded as a Sheraton, a brand of Marriott International, Inc.

Sheraton Malpensa, Milan

The Sheraton Malpensa Hotel & Conference center is a 4-star upscale hotel with 437 rooms and a 30 room conference center for up to 1100 participants. We took a minority interest in the management of the hotel following a debt restructuring lead by our partners.

Golden Visa Apartments, Madrid

A total of four buildings representing approximately 4,800 sqm were restructured or entirely rebuilt into 36 luxury apartments in the immediate vicinity of the Plaza Major. All apartments were sold to Asian investors as part of the Spanish golden visa program.

Ericsson Headquarters, Roma

10 buildings in the outskirts of Rome representing more than 10,000 sqm of office space were purchased from a group of Italian investors. The building housed Ericsson’s Headquarters for southern Europe. The contract was extended for a much longer duration, a large part of the land was rezoned for residential use generating substantial value. The property was then sold to a large Italian institutional investor.